Colbert Designer Shoes

By: Imran Suhail

FM has had quite a list of students who were entrepreneurs, that later ended up owning companies of their own after they graduated and Louis Colbert is the next one to hopefully join that list.

Louis Colbert, a sophomore studying Business at FM, is a young entrepreneur in men’s designer shoes, and designs dress shoes for local businessmen and people who are trying to look fashionable in a formal setting. Colbert is hoping to be able to sell his brand to big time designers like Calvin Klein and Armani.

“I don’t make shoes for the money. I make shoes because I know what it feels like to have comfortable and fashionable leather on your feet, and I want to give the best quality at the best price,” said Colbert, while showing off the slippers he designed during the fall of 2015.

Colbert got into shoe making in 2014. He found himself bored during the summer, and wanted to learn a craft, something he could do with his hands. This craft would turn into an in-demand business. Colbert makes his shoes by hand, and uses leather materials only. His shoes range from $25-$120, depending on the design and materials, and each shoe takes him roughly around 2-3 weeks to make, due to the drying process they must undergo.

“Louis sold me the Colbert’s and they felt amazing on stage. I hope he is successful in selling them,” said Bryan Mathers, graphics designer and rapper, a former FM student. Louis has tried expanding his brand by letting other young entrepreneurs try his shoes. It’s a strategy he’s using to get his name out through the local business owners heimrancolbertshoes.jpg is acquainted with.

Another student whose family runs a business in the Bronx, also gave Colbert a chance and tried his shoes. “His shoes feel comfortable and they look stylish. What’s not to love about them?” said TJ Montes, a sophomore in General Studies.

Colbert puts a lot of time into his brand and practices making it better. He wants to be known as a premium brand for low cost and has come up with strategies that could help him reach his goals. What started out as a craft to pass the time, ended up being a way for a young man to live his dreams.

Colbert works hard trying to be successful in life. He has many hobbies and likes to volunteer around campus. Recently, he ran for Vice Chairman, but sadly failed to acquire the position. By being helpful to others, he believes the opportunity will return when the time is right. The Colbert’s are not in stores yet, but Colbert is feeling his shoes might take off before his college experience is over.

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