Deborah Bovee: Here to Help!

By : Jennifer Tran

Since Deborah Bovee became the new full-time mental health counselor on campus at FM in September 2016, she has committed herself to the goal of reaching out to students who need help.

Bovee graduated from SUNY Albany Medical School in 2001, and carries with her a solid background with more than twenty years of mental health experience, specializing in cognitive behavioral therapy, “which is a very effective treatment in dealing with depression, anxiety and panic disorder. And those seem to be the problems that people struggle with the most,” said Bovee.

Bovee’s door is open to “anyone who may be feeling there’s something that interferes with a student’s normal functioning, whether it is not being able to go to class, not studying the way they want, [trouble] socializing, or [feeling] homesick.”

Bovee is working at FM under employment of St. Mary’s Healthcare. Bovee will not directly prescribe any medication, however, she can link students to a medical professional to discuss the possibility of medication if needed.

This counseling service is a voluntary program, and its goal is to be there for students. Bovee concluded, “You know, sometimes we all need to talk to someone who is objective, who is not a friend or a family member.”

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