Not All Heroes Wear Capes

By: Elizabeth Anderson 


Ellie Fosmire, the academic success coordinator, loves giving back to the students at FM but there is more to her than meets the eye.

“I help students figure out their goals and how to reach them. I also provide services for students with disabilities,” said Fosmire.

Fosmire has worked for FM for 17 years and was once a student at the college.

“I love FM. I was a student here back when dinosaurs roamed the quad… This place is magic. It changed my life so dramatically,” said Fosmire. She also aims to give students the opportunity to have the same experience that she had at FM.

However, Fosmire is more than a helpful, smiling face at the college.

Fosmire was diagnosed with uterine cancer last May and has been going through chemotherapy since August.

“I’ve tried to maintain a good sense of humor… I kind of get a big kick out of it. I have a different wig on every day,” said Fosmire.

Fosmire also tries to educate people, including the students at FM, about the severity of uterine cancer and some precautionary measures.

“I was just working with MISA and they’re looking to do some information and outreach about uterine cancer,” said Fosmire.

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