Welcome to Fulton County

By: Lauren Adams

With a population of around 54,580 people, Fulton County is made up of Johnstown, Gloversville, Mayfield, Northville, Broadalbin, Perth, Caroga, Northampton, Oppenheim, Euphratah, and Bleecker.

Fulton County is known to be a safe and enjoyable place to live, according to residents, and many of these people, including Tara Adams, have lived here their entire lives.

Adams stated, “I love it here, I’ve lived here my entire life and have made many lifelong friends.” Within Fulton County, the crime rate is below the national average, which is 100. Fulton County’s average rate is 31, and with things such as automotive theft, robbery risk, and even murder risk, the average is way below 15.

“Fulton County is very safe, and a great place to raise a family,” says Adams, who is a mother of two and currently lives in Johnstown. She also explained that she’s always felt very safe here, which is the reason she’s been here since she was a child and decided to stay here while raising her family. Even as a child, she was born here and her parents had lived in the area for quite some time, and still do.

“I have always loved how close the community is,” said Adams.  When celebrating a special occasion, or even an event that was not to be celebrated, the community always acts together as a whole.

Adams added, “I would definitely say Fulton County is a safe place to live, and have nothing but nice things to say about the community. Even though some bad things do happen, the good outweighs the bad.”


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