Better Food, Better FM

By: Yauza Arauz

The students at FM have been complaining about the food service at Chartwells for the past few semesters.

Alisa Mathis-Paterson is the manager of the cafeteria at FM, where all the food comes from a company called Chartwells.

Mathis-Paterson explained that there is a focus group at FM for students to give feedback about the food on campus.

There were complaints about the amount of food and the quality of the food.

Photo of students waiting in line for lunch by Garrett Simera

For the most part students reported that Chartwells made positive changes for this semester. They increased food portions, added a cereal for the day, and offered more variety.

Mathis-Paterson explained that students from all parts of the world come here, so having more variety of food is very important.

She went on to say that this semester is all about the food and that she is dedicated to continue to better the quality of the food in semesters to come.

Mathis-Paterson finally noted that when the lines get long students want to skip others to get in front. This actually can cause confusion and slow down the whole process.

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