Changes to the Evans Library

By: In Bang Seo 

The Evans Library underwent many of chahnges since it opened.

Dan Towne, a librarian, has worked for over nine years in Evans Library and experienced the changes.

“The biggest change would be the replacement of more than 30,000 books with e-books and computers on the first floor,” said Towne.

The library attempted to stock e-books for the purpose of helping students research easier. Tens of thousands of e-books are available for download.

Photo of students working in Evans Library by Ejerlin Reinoso.

“The library will replace the stationary PCs with mobile types of devices and wireless tablets. The PCs take up too much space,” said Towne.

The library also offers services that most students do not know about. Interlibrary loan is a service whereby a user of one library can borrow books or receive photocopies of documents that are owned by another library.

Also, there is a writing center and math lab in the library to help students academically.

Towne said, “Many students do not know the presence of math lab as it is located on the second floor.”

The writing center and math lab have many students and teachers who are ready to help any students with homework or test preparation. The Evans Library keeps changing to provide students with better services. Six librarians and 11 student workers are always in the library to fulfill students’ needs. It’s time for students to find out the useful resources in the library.

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