FM Dorms or Prison?

By: Ibrahim Makanera 

The students living in the dorms at FM aren’t happy with how things are around here.

One of the things mentioned is that there isn’t access to an ATM at the dorms. The only accessible ATM is by the café, which is of course on campus, which probably wouldn’t be much of a problem if the café didn’t close so early.

Some students also feel like they’re being blamed for the mistakes of previous students. According to current alumni, there used to be stoves in every suite in buildings Fulton and Montgomery. Students are now limited to what they can eat simply because they’re only allowed to have microwaves and refrigerators.

Photo of students by staff.

The last thing you want to see after a long day of classes and responsibilities is a bug in your room. Maintenance is very much appreciated and a lot of things would go wrong if it weren’t for them but the students feel like the bug situation should be acted on.

The final problem which seems to be the students’ breaking point is the terrible Wi-Fi. The library shouldn’t have to be the only place where homework gets done. A lot of classes here at the college have assignments, homework, projects, and tests that have to be submitted online. If the Wi-Fi goes out, how are they supposed to get their assignments done?

Some changes need to be made in the near future.

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