FM Gets a New Bookstore

Photo of the new bookstore by Ejerlin Reinoso.

By: Taylor Banks 

Raiders new bookstore is beautiful. From the structure to the materials it’s absolutely outstanding.

The staff at the new store is very welcoming and helpful. As soon as you walk in, they greet you and ask can they assist you.

You will have one of the best experiences in this new bookstore. Being in this bookstore makes you want to spend all of your raider bucks on everything they have.

The prices are amazing, and they have things that you don’t have to run to Walmart for. Besides the books there are bundles of supplies like books, tissues, pens, notebooks, binders, FM logo binders, candy, makeup, detergent, cups, a warm blanket, and even clothes.

The store also sells makeup for only $2. That type of makeup in another store is way more expensive.

One negative to this is that students are unable to use their raider bucks on makeup.

Overall the prices are amazing and the setup of the whole store is great. They have a great location, a bigger space, way more items and options, and even an easier way to find books on your own.

Many students agreed being able to use Raider Bucks as a form of payment would be more convenient and would really be a great pocket saver.

Some students get hundreds of dollars in raider bucks and often don’t use them all.

Instead of wasting raider bucks FM should allow college students to use it as a payment for everything in the college.

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