M[odd]ified Life

 By: Ejerlin Reinoso

The Perrella Gallery welcomes a new display at FM. The display is called M[odd]ified Life by artist RJ Sturgess and opened Jan. 27.

The display features art of many forms, including sculptures and drawings.

Photos by Garrett Simera.

When asked where Sturgess got his inspiration he said, “For most of this work it comes from genetic modification. I read a lot of articles from this really great website called science 360 …so I like to do a lot genetic modification stuff.”

“I personally love his art because I like sci-fi and I’m a nerd. I have a real liking for genetic modification and the theory of evolution is one of my favorite subjects in science all together,” said Catalina Lang, a Freshman who majors in Broadcast Communications at FM.

The artist managed to inflict the feeling of fear and fascination through his art.

M[odd]ified Life on display in the Perrella Gallery until March 10.
“It’s not always easy but I just want try to create something… normally start with the fear something a little creepy, a little off-putting, makes you uncomfortable then adding a touch of the fascination,” Sturgess added.

When Sturgess was asked what tips he could give to aspiring artists he said, “The number one thing is to make work, the more you make, the more you’re thinking, the
more comfortable you are with your medium and the more you’re understanding what you are doing and why you are doing it. Number two, apply to shows. It’s so easy. There’s a great website called callforentry.org, it has a pages and pages of types of mediums, different shows, regionals, nationals, and internationals [contests].”

The display will be available at the Perrella Gallery from January 27 through March 10.

For more information on this artist visit his website at rjsturgess.com.

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