Success Apps

By: Catalina Lange
Success Apps are a support system for the average busy student.

FM Librarian Mike Daly explained that students vary and have different needs. He hopes that including technology that everyone can use will enable people to rethink their routine and if it can be done differently. Essentially, enhancing the critical thinking process through technology.

Photo of Mike Daly after he demonstrated some success apps.

Mike has made a handout for Trio listing the Success Apps,

Many teachers at FM use Blackboard as a way to assign and receive homework but to make it even more convenient there is a Blackboard app for your phone.

Another app to keep track of time effectively is MyStudyLife. It’s much more than a regular planner app, it analyzes your life schedule and helps by suggesting times to study when you have free time.

For students that need help with math homework there is PhotoMath.Simply take a picture of your math problem and it will give you an answer.

EasyBib now has an app that can make citations by scanning a book’s barcode.

There is also a health app called Sleep Time for tracking sleep.

For these politically tense times there is ProPublica, an app that is a type of independent, investigative journalism that gives readers the facts.

There are many different academic lifestyle apps that can be amazingly helpful to any student. Visit Trio’s Learning center to pick up Daly’s app handout for even more helpful apps.

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