Table Top Gaming

By: Joe Solmo

The FMCC Tabletop Gaming Club is hosting two events in March to draw in new members.

Joe Solmo photo
Poster for the FMCC Tabletop Gaming Club

The first event, March 15th at noon, in the club’s room will teach students how to play Magic: The Gathering, a very popular collectable card game made by Wizards of The Coast.

Playable decks will be provided by club members for people to try the game. This event is open all interested members of the student body.

The second event, planned for Friday, March 31, is an introduction to the very popular tabletop role-playing game, Dungeons & Dragons. It will run from 12 until 2 pm and go over the basics of the game including character creation, combat rules, and how to be a Dungeon Master.

Club Vice-President Helen Hall says, “We’re trying to invite new members by creating a beginner friendly environment in which people can learn how to play and socialize with fellow students.”

The club meets every Wednesday during common hour, but have their own room on the bottom floor of the student union building (U-025).

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