There’s a New Enrollment at FM and its name is Ted

By: Imran Suhail 

FM held its first Ted Talk on Jan. 25, in Raiders Cove.

One hundred people attended the event to listen to six speakers from their community talk about innovation in healthcare, education and community building.

“I thought the event was impressive and inspirational. There is so much to learn about our own community,” said Jerri Cortes Director, of public relations at St. Mary’s.

There were two speakers for each category that went on to share their ideas about how to innovate the community FM resides in.

The speakers for health were Dr. Irina Gelman, who spoke about Telehealth that is expanding access to care, and Dr. Ronald Marsh, who brought in a new robot that can help with robotic surgery.

“A hernia is no match to a surgeon and a robot,” said Dr. Marsh as he showed a video of him performing hernia surgery on a patient.

The surgeon is able to perform complex surgery by controlling the robotic arms and camera. The robot lets the doctor see a full 360 degrees inside the body.

Photo of Dr. Ronald Marsh at TEDxFMCC by McKenzie Moore

The people who attended the event could examine and tryout the robot.The robotic system was set up like a game for the users to try it.

The speakers for education were Charlie Giglio, who spoke about “trusting the messenger,” and Mike Dardaris whose presentation was about “No bells, no textbooks, no desks, no rows, no problem. Tales from a rule-breaking school.”

Dardaris also spoke about the P-Tech program, a new model for secondary education that is not about  lectures but group collaboration and hands on learning. In this program, students can take the lead in their careers and take college level courses.

For the last topic of the night FM got to listen to Vincent Desantis, whose topic of “The micropolis as the ideal sustainable, healthy 21st century community,” and from Chris Curro and “The future is local.”

Curro helped make Mohawk Harvest, a community owned grocery store that is run on the idea of helping support local farmers and producers in downtown Gloversville, at a fair price for consumers. The difference between them and a regular store is that they operate on the benefits of its members. They work on creating a healthy and sustainable community.

FM hopes to host another Ted Talk  in the near future. “It went very well. It was exactly the thing we are looking for. What Ted expects with innovation that also felt warm and intimate. The speakers talked about the topic but also talked about their personal story and that added to it as well,” said President Swanger.

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