A Fitness Center Story !

By: Jay Hutt

The Fitness Center is located in the Physical Education building and provides more than just the equipment to improve physical health.

It is a place to meet fitness goals, make new friends, and improve one’s overall well-being.

Joshua Licciardo, an accounting major, and Marcos Santiago, an electrical engineering major, are just two of the people that use the center. Santiago came to the center to get back into shape. Licciardo came to lose more weight and stay healthy. Both think that eating right and staying active can lead to better mental health.

Santiago claims that “health affects students’ studies.” He noticed after coming to the center that he had more energy and could stay more alert in class.

Licciardo, who has been to several other centers before, commented that the FM Fitness Center is completely different because people can do whatever they want without the fear of being judged or bothered. He also says it is a lot quieter than other places.

The Fitness Center provides various types of equipment, enabling students to work and improve specific parts of their bodies. The concentrated areas include the free weight, cardiovascular, and Cybex stations.

Since the center is open seven days a week, excluding holidays, almost any student can find a time that fits their schedule.

The Fitness Center isn’t just for the fit and sporty. It is a place for everyone. Self-improvement and enjoyment.

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