Daycare Helps Parents Attend FM

By: Danielle Prock

Parents looking to attend college need to think about childcare. FM is among the 32 New York State colleges to provide childcare services on campus.

The FM Playmates Child Care Center has been a part of the campus for over 20 years.

It offers a structured, safe environment for children to learn and play. The center’s hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

Both part and full-time students may utilize the facility.  Children enrolled in the daycare program engage in both physical and cognitive developmental activities. Story time, arts and crafts, play centers,  , and meals are all part of the daily itinerary.

Between Financial aid, SUNY block grants, Health Profession OPP grants, TAP, DSS, and personal income, students have a variety of different financing options available to assist them.

Ann Day, director of the childcare center, has been a part of the program since 1994. Day has seen the program through growth and transformation, from a single classroom in O’Connell Hall  to its own building. The center originated as a service designed exclusively for three and four-year-old children, but  now accommodates any child from infant to preschool age.

Recently, the number of children enrolled in the daycare center has gradually decreased.

When asked about her thoughts on the shrinking number of students that use the center, Day responded, “Many people assume that there is no availability or that they cannot afford to use the center.”

Day continued, “The less children we have enrolled, the less grant money we are given to utilize for the facility.”

Student, Meagan Trumbull is new to FM’s child care center. Trumbull eagerly vouched for the center’s prestigious reputation.

“I love bringing my son here. I’m so happy with how educational everything he does is.”

Trumbull’s son is a part of the center’s toddler unit.

FM’s Playmates Childcare Center is located behind O’Connell Hall and is currently accepting applicants for both the Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 semesters.

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