FM Introduces New Programs for Fall 2017

By: Joe McQueen

FM launched brand new programs for this semester that include Marketing and Web and Mobile Applications development.

These programs are some of the newest additions to Associate of Applied Science degrees .

Business professor Mark Swain said, “We have an advisory board made up of a bunch of businesses that help us guide our curriculum. Once a year, we listen to their feedback about certain skillsets that are needed for business students.”

In the Marketing program, students will learn communication, customer service, customer relationship management, and sales.

“We wanted to bring in classes and programs that would focus on these things that we believed to be missing from the curriculum,” said Swain.

The classes consist of marketing, e-commerce, sales, general management and accounting.

The Marketing major is designed for students who want to enter the workforce immediately after graduation. It is a business degree with a marketing concentration.

The Web and Mobile Applications program is  aligned with other computer science programs.

This program includes courses in computer science, information systems, and computer networking.

“The program was created because there was so much of an interest,” said Julia Merritt, Computer Science professor, who helped start the program.

“Over the past few years, many students at FM began asking for a program and courses that involve developing apps for the web and for mobile phones,” Merritt continued.

The courses for this program include design and development of  mobile applications for platforms like Android and Apple.

“For their first year, we set it up so that students take classes in logic, math and science. In their second year, we set it up so that students learn how to write, compile, market, and sell their apps for both Android and Apple,” Merritt said.

Freshman Geri Fredericks is enrolled in the first class of the Web and Mobile Applications Development program.

“I was part of a group in high school called CSI, which means Computer Science Interns, in which I was working with computers and I began to love it and I decided that I wanted to be able to program them for other people,” said Fredericks.

This interest in computer programming led Fredericks to want to inspire others to get into computer programming.

“I actually built a working arcade, and I knew that I wanted to work with games and game development and when I walked out of the door of that office [student development center], I knew that this is what I wanted.”


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