The Nature and Surroundings of FM

By: Kelsey Hayes

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Sculptures, memorials, monuments and gardens are all around the campus. Have you noticed?

Specifically, the 9/11 memorial in the front of the school, the student garden, the rock fountain, and a few other art sculptures are scattered around the campus.

The Sept. 11 memorial was brought to campus by an FM graduate who helped with the cleanup of the disaster.

On September 11, 2017 there was a memorial in front of the piece in remembrance of those who died.

Professor Joe Marcuccio said, “The person involved in obtaining the portion of the north tower antenna was Lou Pabon.”

Pabon was a retired steel worker who attended FM as an Art major. He took thousands of photos with a film camera depicting the destruction and clean up operations at the world trade center site.

Marcuccio also stated, “It is an honor to have this piece of tragic history on our campus.”

The garden is another place on campus that students can go to walk around and see all the colorful flowers that were planted, along with some fresh food.

Students help tend the garden. Last week some students put together a new fence in part of the garden that needed work.

The rock fountain is located between the last two places. This piece is an octagon shaped waterfall

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