What about clubs ?

By: Scott Robinson

FM currently has 26 clubs on campus. All FM clubs take place during common hour, but the day on which they are held varies from club to club.

Depending on a student’s interest, they can choose from a variety of clubs. Some clubs promote certain causes, such as the Think Peace Club. Some are centered on hobbies, like Musicians Club, or even go along with a particular degree, such as Communications Club.

FM clubs, as well as serving the campus, also help the communities surrounding FM. Some clubs travel off campus to participate in community service opportunities, such as the Hands For Animals club which helps out at local farms and animal shelters.

“I’ve seen students who were very withdrawn, and were scared to even come out of their dorm rooms, all of a sudden join clubs and end up doing so well,” said Gwen Ossenkop, Director of Student Activities.

Ossenkop believes that Clubs on campus are very important because they allow students to grow socially at FM and learn more about their interests and areas of study.

Students who wish to join a club have a chance to learn about each of them by attending club fairs that are held at FM. Club fairs give each club a chance to promote their clubs and find new members.

The next upcoming club fair will be held on November, 7th during common hour in the main hall of O’Connell Hall.

Students who are not able to find a club that interests them are able to propose and form new clubs.

For a new club to be approved by the Student Senate and begin operating, a process must be followed. The process, in brief, is outlined below.

The Steps to Forming an FM Club. 

1. Find other students who are interested in being a part of your club, and have them sign their name on a sheet of paper to show their interest.

2. Find a faculty/staff member to be an advisor for the club.

3. Write up a club constitution with all who are interested, to be submitted to the Student Activities Office.

4. Decide if your club will need a budget. If so, you will need to create a budget and send it to the Student Activities Office.

5. Stop by the Student Activities office to set up a proposal for your club during the next Student Senate meeting.

6. Attend the Student Senate meeting with those who are interested in your club to make an official club proposal to the Student Senate. Bring along the sheet of paper with the interested students signatures as noted earlier.

7. The Senate will then vote on the implementation of the new club.


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