Inside a Phi Theta Kappa Meeting

By: Faradh Ameen

The Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society is hoping to get an ATM installed for the FM residence halls.

The group has already received 240 student signatures of approval for the request, according to PTK president Jesper Bergstrom.

“I think it’s good and convenient for the students at dorms, because they do not always have access to the ATM present in the Student Union building,” Bergstrom said at the Oct. 5 PTK meeting. “It’s beneficial for the bank too, from a business point of view,” he added.

“This would be part of community service, and it would be great for the bank,” said PTK Vice President Kashir Usman.

The group considered discussing their plans with NBT bank, and agreed that the president of the college should be involved in the process.


“A proposal like this can succeed if you can get the president on your side,” PTK advisor Anna Biel said.

While the nation-wide honor society is known for making scholarship opportunities available to students with GPAs of 3.5 or above, the group’s primary emphasis on campus is community service.

The group wants to schedule a field trip for students from Amsterdam High School, which would give future FM students a chance to talk to college students and professors.

Biel noted that high school graduates going straight to college can become stressed when the college experience does not match their expectations. She plans to contact the Amsterdam High School  principal to discuss the potential benefit to students.

PTK also schedules events such   as blood drive in Spring 2018, an orientation meeting for new members, held on Oct. 23 and an induction ceremony on Oct. 27.

There is a fee for students to join the honor society. However, PTK is offering scholarships to assist students who wish to join but can’t afford the membership charges.

Usman told the meeting that the FM chapter has “agreed to sideline $350 as scholarship money for at least ten students who cannot pay $70 to join. We can cover 50% of the fee from our budget.”

PTK meetings are open for anyone to attend, and are held every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. in Room C-215.

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