Pumpkin Painting with Community Outreach

By : Catalina Lange

The Community Outreach Club has been hosting pumpkin painting throughout the October season at FM, charging children and students three dollars to paint a pumpkin.

Proceeds go to the James A. Brennan Memorial Humane Society, an animal shelter running mostly on volunteer work in the local area of Fulton

County. All funds received are used to help animals that are lost or unwanted.

Academic advisor Christie Davis announced that there will be boxes placed in Student Development to collect donation items for the shelter. “There are a lot of things that the shelter needs that animals have to use every day like dry food, kitty litter, used towels…. It all really helps the animals,” she observed.

The FM Daycare also participated in the pumpkin painting. Early Education students set up pumpkins and assisted while the children worked on the Halloween decorations. Kelsey Garcia, an Early Education major who helped the children paint pumpkins said, “I love the children. They bring the creativity out of you. I love seeing their happy faces.”

“The opportunities benefit both the little ones and the students that are looking into a career in early childhood education,” Early Education instructor Erica Gonzalez Gauer commented.IMG_2555

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