Sport Spotlight: Catching up with Cross Country

By; Joe McQueen

The FM cross-country team finished in 13th place against 120 runners from 12 different colleges in the invitational on Oct. 7, which was hosted by Hamilton College.

Freshman runner Travis Geniti finished 54th with a time of 31:23, the fastest time on the entire team.

“Going into the meet knowing we were a much smaller school than the rest, I think we handled it well and challenged ourselves. There’s always room for improvement, but I was pretty pleased with our effort and results considering we had some injuries prior to the race,” Geniti said.

“Our performance is what I would expect. We have some solid runners. If they had more time to practice, they would be next level. A couple of them would definitely be top 10 runners in time,” Coach Jen Hazzard said.


Hazzard expects her runners to further improve in their next meets since they have done quite a bit of speed work over the past few weeks.

Coming into the first season there were only four runners on the entire team, and Hazzard wasn’t even hired until a few days before their first meet. She is now in her second year. Not only has the team grown under her leadership, but Hazzard has found it more dedicated.

“Everyone has a busy schedule with classes and jobs etc. So, they are doing pretty well for the amount of practice they are able to get in,” she said.

Hazzard hopes the program will continue to “gain momentum,” noting that recruitment is easier with a “solid reputation.” She also hopes to host a home meet at FM.

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