T.V Shows Returning

By: Catalina Lange

“Stranger Things” is available on Netflix.
“The Walking Dead” airs on AMC on Sundays.

A wide array of audiences is being captivated—from celebrities to students—as binge worthy shows return in all-new seasons.

Two of the most anticipated shows are “The Walking Dead” Season 8 and “Stranger Things” Season 2, with both airing in the same week.

After an all-time low five-year viewer rating in Season 7, “The Walking Dead” premiered its 100th episode on Oct 22. The series return saw all-out war among the characters and a few time jumps.

“Stranger Things” scheduled their season return for Halloween night. The show’s first season had approximately 8.2 million viewers within the first 16 days of release.

Celebrity Hilary Duff once tweeted that she “stayed up all night watching ‘Stranger Things.’”

Students at FM are also excited about the new release of these long-awaited programs.

Resident Assistant Samantha Montanez said of “Stranger Things,” “I love how the show is supernatural but it’s not based on spirits. It’s more sci-fi. Plus, the kids in the show are hilarious.”

Destini Stelley, FM student, said of “The Walking Dead,” “The show makes you think about what you would do in those situations. It touches on the theme that zombies aren’t the biggest threat—it’s living. I keep watching because I’m invested in the characters. Even though it drags sometimes, I want to see how they will get out of the situations and see what the ending will be.”

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