Talk With James Episode 1: James sits down and talks with YeJin Lee, an international student here at FM, who describes her experience of FMCC!

Talk With James Episode 2: Lou Pabon, a fellow student here at FMCC, shares his experience of the tragedy of 9/11, and how he was there to help clean up the debris.

Talk With James Episode 3: Trooper Casey E. Krul stops by with a K-9 named Frey, to talk to us about his job working with a dog, and finding Narcotics!

Just Talk! With Devin and James Episode 1: Devin and James talk to the actors from FMCC’s production of “Dead Man’s Cellphone”

Raider TV Segment: In this segment, students explore the Global Residence halls, and ask fellow colleagues their opinions on living here at FMCC

FM Studio: Switcher A basic how to guide for the Switcher, put together by the COM204 Student’s

FM Studio: Teleprompter Winnie and Kayla teach you about the Tricky Teleprompter here in the FMCC’s control room!

FM Studio: Audioboard The Audioboard is simple to use after watching this how to video made by Tsugumi and Cara

FM Studio: Studio Camera Here is a quick “How To” guide for the basic controls of the Studio Cameras!

YMCA Day Care Profile Here is a profile for the FMCC Day Care

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