Extending the Free Hugs Project

By : Helen Hutt The impact Ken Nwadike, the free hugs guy, had at FM was a topic brought up for discussion at the Oct. 12, Student Senate Meeting. The meeting took place in the Student Union Building and around 40 people attended including representatives from each club and organization on campus. Nwadike, a peace…… Continue reading Extending the Free Hugs Project

Pumpkin Painting with Community Outreach

By : Catalina Lange The Community Outreach Club has been hosting pumpkin painting throughout the October season at FM, charging children and students three dollars to paint a pumpkin. Proceeds go to the James A. Brennan Memorial Humane Society, an animal shelter running mostly on volunteer work in the local area of Fulton County. All…… Continue reading Pumpkin Painting with Community Outreach

Stay Motivated : a Closer View of Debora Fitzdam

By: Scott Robinson   “You can take charge. You can take control of your own health,” said FM physical education professor Debora Fitzdam. Fitzdam has taken these words and put them into action throughout her life, and for the past 24 years has been dedicated to teaching and motivating FM students to do the same. Fitzdam…… Continue reading Stay Motivated : a Closer View of Debora Fitzdam