The Box Office Situation

By: Scott Robinson This past summer was part of one of the worst years economically at the domestic box office in nearly a decade, with many blockbuster franchises such as “Transformers” and “Pirates of The Caribbean” taking big hits. The ticket sales at theaters nation-wide was reported by BoxOffice Media to be down 11 percent…… Continue reading The Box Office Situation

T.V Shows Returning

By: Catalina Lange A wide array of audiences is being captivated—from celebrities to students—as binge worthy shows return in all-new seasons. Two of the most anticipated shows are “The Walking Dead” Season 8 and “Stranger Things” Season 2, with both airing in the same week. After an all-time low five-year viewer rating in Season 7,…… Continue reading T.V Shows Returning

“RWBY” Vol. 5 is Back

By: Joe Barry “RWBY” (pronounced “Ruby”) Volume 5 is finally here! Many fans have been waiting all summer for it to come out. The “hype,” as “RWBY” fan MurderofBirds called it, has been growing steadily since Volume 4 ended. “RWBY” is an animated series created by Monyreak “Monty” Oum and Rooster Teeth Productions. Oum directed,…… Continue reading “RWBY” Vol. 5 is Back