The Box Office Situation

By: Scott Robinson This past summer was part of one of the worst years economically at the domestic box office in nearly a decade, with many blockbuster franchises such as “Transformers” and “Pirates of The Caribbean” taking big hits. The ticket sales at theaters nation-wide was reported by BoxOffice Media to be down 11 percent…… Continue reading The Box Office Situation

Hollywood Says ‘Yes’ to Cultural Appropriation

    By Marissa Nellis   Cultural appropriation and character whitewashing has been going on for years in Hollywood and while the large majority of audiences tend to give these instances considerable backlash, it begs the question: Will Hollywood ever learn its lesson? Earlier this year, when the trailer for Marvel’s latest film Doctor Strange…… Continue reading Hollywood Says ‘Yes’ to Cultural Appropriation

Movie Review: Hacksaw Ridge

by Scott Robinson   4/5 Stars   Hacksaw Ridge tells the true, inspirational story of World War 2 veteran Desmond Doss, a conscientious objector who saved the lives of 75 men during the battle of Okinawa. Doss, a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, is against killing and refuses to touch a gun, instead he…… Continue reading Movie Review: Hacksaw Ridge