Stay Motivated : a Closer View of Debora Fitzdam

By: Scott Robinson   “You can take charge. You can take control of your own health,” said FM physical education professor Debora Fitzdam. Fitzdam has taken these words and put them into action throughout her life, and for the past 24 years has been dedicated to teaching and motivating FM students to do the same. Fitzdam…… Continue reading Stay Motivated : a Closer View of Debora Fitzdam

Debora Fitzdam: “An Open Book”

By : Jeanne Winton “I’m not a routine kind of person. I don’t like to be in the same routine or situation on a daily basis,” says Debora Fitzdam, an associate professor at FM. Teaching gives her the variety she needs. She says that although she teaches the same courses every year, the fact that…… Continue reading Debora Fitzdam: “An Open Book”

Tom Rathbun: Rolling Into The Season

By: Jeanne Winton FM’s brand new bowling team will start in the spring of 2017 and Tom Rathbun is the coach who’s pulling it all together. Rathbun has no shortage of experience, and even started the Herkimer College bowling team in 2006. After two years he was forced to step down from his coaching position…… Continue reading Tom Rathbun: Rolling Into The Season