T.V Shows Returning

By: Catalina Lange A wide array of audiences is being captivated—from celebrities to students—as binge worthy shows return in all-new seasons. Two of the most anticipated shows are “The Walking Dead” Season 8 and “Stranger Things” Season 2, with both airing in the same week. After an all-time low five-year viewer rating in Season 7,…… Continue reading T.V Shows Returning

Tuition Rising at FM

By: Jeanne Winton. As a result of economic strain, colleges around the country, including FM, have had to raise tuition. “I think everybody expects that costs increase,” said President Swanger, in response to FM’s recent tuition raise. Swanger went on to say that he usually tries to raise costs in small increments around $50-70, unlike…… Continue reading Tuition Rising at FM

Below Zero!

By: Keyshea Mackey   The below-zero weather experienced in upstate New York can come as a surprise for FM student from out of the area or out of the country. Dasha Stubbs, a freshman at FM said, “I am not ready for this weather. In the city it never goes below zero. I don’t even know…… Continue reading Below Zero!